Wealth Mindset - Day 1 of 21

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019

In the next 21 days, I will go over all aspects of Wealth so you can start to build your foundation for 2020.

These four aspects of wealth are Generating wealth, saving wealth, growing your wealth and protecting your wealth.

So are you ready to expand your resources; to earn more, save more, contribute more, and even open yourself to a completely new set of opportunities; and live a fun-filled and fulfilled life? Well, these are some of the characteristics of a wealthy lifestyle.

Today we will start with your Wealth Mindset. The 21 daily videos are based on my program “Guidance to Wealth”, the program has come from all the years of practical experience, learning through the University of hard knocks; this is after getting my MBA.

Once the program is over your level of awareness about wealth will have changed. I believe wealth is good; wealth has to be respected; it can fulfill dreams and help with so many causes.

To get the wealth, you have to first get the wealth...

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